Monthly Meeting Minutes May 13, 2019

Updated Monday June 10, 2019 by Carly Longhenry.

Delaware Valley Youth Sports League

May 13, 2019


Opening: The regular monthly meeting for DVYSL was called to order at 7:40 pm 5/13/19 in the Delaware Valley Elementary School Cafeteria by John Corrie, President.



In attendance: John Corrie, President, Bill Fells, Baseball Vice President, Carly Longhenry, Secretary, Jessica Olcott, Softball Vice President, Mitchell Hyams, Chris Galimi, Rick Parker, Joe Agostini, Bruce DeSarro, Chris Masone, Lori Finelli, John Maney, Stacy Rutherford, Jed Phillips, Shannon Papadatos, JD Brink, Dave Bannon, Craig Newton, Stephanie Stoll and Tim Mann.


Treasury Report:

We currently have $19,729 in the bank.This does not include the payment that will be made for the candy. The profit from the candy should total $5,600 ($.40 for each $1.00 candy bar)


Candy Fundraising
    Fundraising is ongoing. Please hand candy money to Cara Phillips and not to a random person or child in the concession stand.

    Without fundraising, we would have to raise the fees. There are many costs. Each storm in the past month has cost $900 in field repair.


Field Conditions

    A tarp may help a little bit, but the problem in Milford is a drainage issue which wouldn’t be completely solved by a tarp.

    Field A in Matamoras has very bad water issues.

    Milford Ball Field may not be in play next year.

    Coaches should be preparing the fields before their games and can pull in parents to help with field prep.



This year’s Hit-a-Thon had great participation rates. The past 3 years we have managed around 10% or less participation, whereas this year we had 20-25% participation.

Moving forward we are hoping for even better participation rates. We should push bulk - even just $5 per child would go a long way.


Make Up Games

    Please schedule makeup games as soon as possible. Log Tavern Field can be used Mondays and Thursdays, as well as the 4 fields at Airport Park and 1 field at Milford Ball Field. The T-Ball may be used for Rookies games.

All games must be complete by June 8. On June 10, post-season games begin.

Games take priority over practices.


All Stars

    There will be a try-out for Softball 10U on Thursday, please send out messages through the app so that all parents are aware.

There will be a try-out for Softball 12U on Wednesday from 6-8pm.

Softball State tournament will be on June 21.

Baseball will combine tryouts - Sunday at 10am for 9s and 10s, Sunday at 12pm for 11s and 12s.

Fundraising that is done by the team is kept by the team.

Baseball Districts are June 21, 22, 23 in Valley View for 12U


End of Season Picnic

    There are not enough volunteers and much help is needed. We will need at least 20 people to help in areas such as Field Crew, Competition Crew, Game Coordinators, Concession Stand, etc.



We will need to pull more people in as next year we will lose a large chunk of active volunteers. We will need more volunteers or we will be in trouble. We need to keep the momentum going.

Please focus on pulling in families from younger divisions.

While other leagues have folded due to lower membership, we have instead grown.

One way to involve more volunteers is to bring in more coaches. Teams may have 4 coaches in the dug-out. If you only have 2 coaches, bring in two more parents as coaches.



Airport Park

    We can have a small removable storage shed at Field C - less than 8’x8’.

    There will be no banners at Airport Park next year.

    There will be an Angels tournament at Airport Park this coming weekend.

    The scoreboard at Field A can be used at our leisure.


Milford Ball Field

    We have a yearly meeting with Milford Boro, but they do not always abide by all of their promises.



Meeting was adjourned at 8:22pm by John Corrie, President.  


Minutes by Carly Longhenry